Seafood Kingdom: Duck “Peking” Me

9802 Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 636-0398

My family and I came here on Father’s Day weekend to celebrate 3 different occasions. Well obviously Father’s Day, but it was to celebrate my brother and I’s birthdays. I just wanted Peking Duck for my birthday, and amazingly enough, Seafood Kingdom said they had Peking Duck and other dishes my brother and dad were craving as well, so off we went.

For starters, we’ve eaten here before and when you come here, the restaurant is HUGE. Therefore, it will always seem like the place is “not good” empty, but I think its just due to the massive size. I’m not going to lie, when we did enter, the lack of customers did kind of scare me off, but once the food came, things started to turn around.

We ordered a lot of dishes here since the whole family ate. We ordered Sauteed Clams, Peking Duck, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Rice, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and a Fish Intestine soup. The Fried Rice was surprisingly very good. It had that “wok” taste to it, which is always a plus. The Fried Rice was well seasoned and taste good enough, but nothing special to brag about. The Fish Intestine soup might sound quirky, but it tasted pretty good. The intestine of this particular fish tastes just like very tender beef tendons. If you like that sort of thing, its good. The Sauteed Clams were fresh, but since I’m not much of a clam fan, I didn’t care too much for it.

Now on to the dishes that I looked forward to the most. The Sweet and Sour Chicken was surprisingly good. I usually have low expectations for Sweet and Sour chicken at true Chinese restaurants because let’s face it, it’s not really Chinese food to begin with. However, this place gave me a good birthday surprise as it was very crispy on the outside and very tender and soft on the inside. It was a plus that they used dark meat, which is a must when cooking any sort of chicken that is deep fried and glazed in a sauce. Breast meat would just be too dry in such applications. As for the sauce, it wasn’t overly sweet, which was a good thing. It had a perfect balance between Sweet and Sour and the whole family enjoyed the dish.

Now on to the main dish of the night, the Peking Duck. I like that this place does not try to lie to its customers and say that it has actual Peking Duck, because this place serves peking “style” duck on their menu, and it’s clearly stated. Real Peking Duck is very labor intensive work and requires hanging the duck within a slow roasting oven for hours on ends to crisp the skin just perfectly. The dish is usually eaten with a soft flour baos that is lightly sweet + condiments on the side. I’m not going to say that this is the best Peking Duck I have eaten, because it isn’t, but to be honest, it’s good the way they make it, in their own unique way. It still tastes similarly enough to Peking Duck that I enjoyed it very much, but the skin isn’t as crisp, and the meat isn’t nearly as fatty as it should be. I, however, still enjoyed it and everyone else at the table did as well and for $20 for an entire duck, it’s not too bad either.

If you want to come here, I wouldn’t stop you because it’s a descent place to grab Chinese food. The only reason why we went here for Father’s Day is because all the other Chinese restaurants close to us were too full to serve anymore guests, so we went over to a less Asian populated city to get our Chinese food, and it ended up being a good dinner. However, if you wanted my real opinion, come here if other places are too busy and if you don’t want to wait, otherwise, there are better joints out there.


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 29, 2010.

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