Sushi Imari: A Hidden Gem

375 Bristol St.
Suite 40
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 641-5654

On a quiet afternoon my friends, Annie, Linda, and I decided to venture out to Sushi Imari. I have always known about the good reviews that this place had, but never really got around to going. However, I am glad I made the time today.

We came when the restaurant had barely opened for dinner at 5pm. We were promptly seated with a wonderful and cheery waiter :). Once we sat down, we decided to try a couple different hand rolls. We got the Aladdin Roll, Fire, Finding Nemo, Me Soy Horny( yes that’s what its called lol), and the Bada Bing.

I think we all agreed that the quality of all the rolls were great and definitely exceeded our expectations. I particularly like the Me Soy Horny roll, not so much for the name as you might think lol, but for the textural complexities of the roll. It had a good balance between sweet, tangy, crunchy, savory, you name it. The cucumber also wasn’t too powerful, which is a good thing because rolls with cucumber taking over on your pallet can definitely ruin the experience, but it didn’t here.

The next roll that we would give our recommendations to would be the Bada Bing, which is tempura calamari, crab meat, avocado, all topped off with panko crumbs on top. The roll was very crispy and the calamari was perfectly cooked, not chewy at all.

We also liked the Fire and Finding Nemo rolls as well. Both are very similar, but the Fire is topped with tuna and Finding Nemo is topped with fresh salmon. Both offer up a refreshing taste of great quality fish, finished off with a properly made cut roll.

Lastly, we had the Aladdin roll, which was also a great hit. The bonito flakes topped on top definitely adds another layer of complexity and the seared tuna was done great.

The only complaint that I might personally have with the Aladdin roll is that the ponzu was a little too strong in it’s vinegar content. I tend to like ponzu a little more balanced out with sugar and soy. However, this place does know a thing or two about balance and they did not drown the roll in ponzu like most places do, so the roll was still very pleasant and enjoyable.

I honestly have to say…GO. Go now. The rolls are very fresh and delicately balanced without anything taking center stage. Sushi is all about letting the ingredients do the work and letting them work in a harmonious fashion, and this place knows how to emphasize that very well. I also have to give a special thanks to our server, Anna, and Sushi Imari for their kind service. They gave us kbbq rib meat, salmon sashimi, which was VERY FRESH, and ice cream…all on the house. Sushi Imari deserves more attention and more customers in the O.C. and we hope that all you TGIF fans read this and give them a try! 🙂


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sushi Imari: A Hidden Gem”

  1. Ni hao! 😉 No problem! I love your posts on any asian restaurants, cafes etc in Orange County and LA! Look forward to more of your posts!!!

  2. great post we are going with friends tonight and Ill probably review it on ocbizblog.

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