Kogi BBQ: WOW, What A Long Wait! (ROJA TRUCK)

You have to find them!

Everyone always talks about Koji’s and how good their Korean and Mexican fusion tacos and burritos are. One night, my siblings and I were hungry and I had just finished a long day of work and medical school secondaries, what better way to end a late night with some good food!

So my sister and I decided to head out at around 10:15pm in hopes of catching the Kogi truck in Orange on Glassel St. When we got there, we realized that they had set up camp within a pub and the line was super long and we heard the wait could be up to an hour. We then decided to make the 20 min. drive to the City of Industry in hopes of a shorter line at the other location. When we got to the other location…oh my goodness. The line stretched pretty far away from the truck. However, we decided to wait in line anyway since we were pretty hungry.

We ended up waiting for 45mins in line before we were actually able to order -_-. We ordered a few things to share. We ordered the spicy pork and beef short rib tacos, short rib burrito, short rib sliders, black jack quesadilla, and a tres leche cake.

I’ll start out with the tacos, which were good. Mine blowing good like most people are saying? No, I wouldn’t go that far, but it is good. I like that the beef is marinated very well, not too overly sweet that you can’t taste the beef. The spicy pork was good also. Basically the same sweet Korean marinade like the short rib, but with a spicy kick. The shredded lettuce and cabbage was a good addition as well. We also asked for a side order of their sweet and tangy salsa, which we added to the tacos and it made the experience much more tasty.

The sliders were definitely a lot better than MoGO in San Jose, ten times better. The taste of the cheese wasn’t overpowering in Kogi’s version of the sliders. The filling is exactly the same as the tacos, so it tasted pretty good. The Black Jack quesadilla had spicy pork, cheese, green onions, and a green sauce on top. This actually had a pretty unique taste to it. It wasn’t super cheesy as you might think, but that’s probably because the cheese they use isn’t really fresh haha…but who cares, it’s a mobile food truck, not gourmet dining! Again, the filling is the same, so you’ll have the same taste of the sweet pork with the blend of cheeses. A pretty good choice if you decide to go down this route.

Now on to the burrito. I firmly believe that if you go to Kogi’s, you should just get yourself the burrito if you are looking for the best bang for the buck. It’s a good size for five bucks and you get a good mix of rice, beef short ribs, and greens. All mixed in a neat proportion for you to enjoy. If you add the sweet and tangy salsa to it, it tastes even more amazing! The burrito gets my vote! We also tried the tres leche cake, which was very moist and decadent. Don’t ignore this puppy at the front, if you love dessert, get this!

In conclusion, Kogi’s is good! However, if you want to taste it, you are going to have to wait it out. I guess it’s part of the attraction for people to go and find these trucks just so they can taste the wonderful burritos and tacos everyone has been talking about. It’s almost like being apart of an exclusive group of individuals that have tried it and experienced the “hunt” for the truck. Expect to wait an hour total for your food if its a busy night, which for Kogi’s, seems to be every night! Enjoy guys and stay safe.


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 23, 2010.

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