Sagami-Tei: Decent Enough

16511 Magnolia St.
Westminster, CA 9268
(714) 842-7677

Hey, fan! Just wanted to apologize for the photos in this review. The light quality was pretty bad in the restaurant, so the photos are going to have a lot of background noise to them =/.

Anyway, Sagami-Tei!! I forgot what the occasion was for eating here, since this was a while back. However, I do remember the group wanting AYCE sushi, so we decided here since the reviews seemed okay.

To start off, the baked salmon roll, or Volcano Roll as it’s known, was actually pretty decent. I normally don’t are for baked rolls that have mayo on them, but his one had a small amount and it was tolerable. I actually ended up enjoying it! The salmon was tender and kept its shape well. I would recommend this roll if you were to come here, it’s pretty decent.

The other notably rolls we had were the Washington Roll, Jen-Jen Roll, Philly Roll, Crunch Roll, and Soft Shell Crab Roll. The other ones I won’t mention since there was nothing great about them. The Washington Roll had salmon + avocado on top of a CA roll, which had fairly fresh fish. It wasn’t the freshest salmon I ever had, but decent enough that I enjoyed it. The Jen-Jen Roll was similar to the California Roll, except it had tuna as the other type of fish.

The Crunch Roll, Philly Roll, and Soft Shell Crab Roll are all standard affairs that are made well, however, nothing really special that you haven’t already tasted.

I enjoyed my time at Sagami-Tei, however, my indifference to this restaurant is due to the fact that there are other places out there that beat this place in every way. The two at he top of my head right now are Sushi Studio in Long Beach as well as Sushi on Fire in Huntington Beach. Both places offer up very imaginative rolls and flavors that cannot be beat. I really can’t recommend Sagami-Tei since there are better options elsewhere, however, on its own, it’s decent enough.


~ by thankgoditsfood on August 1, 2010.

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