China Kitchen: Simple Name, Simple Food

7251 Warner Ave
Suite F
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 847-7777

Hi, TGIF FANS! Welcome back! I noticed that a lot of people still check out our blog even though there hasn’t been many updates lately and we want to apologize for that, Julie and I have been broke lately and with my onslaught of medical school interviews combined with traveling around the country every other week, I have been quite busy, and especially quite broke haha.

I’m stuck at Burlington International Airport for the next 8 hours, so I figured the best thing I can do since I’m stuck here is update on all the previous places Julie and I have eaten at so that you guys get a lot of new blog posts to read!!! YAY!!

Anyway, first restaurant up is China Kitchen. I know the name is pretty generic, but here me out. I actually decided to come try this place with my parents due to their strawberry chicken. I know you probably have an eyebrow raised and doubts about this weird concoction, but you know what, I had the same reaction when my brother brought it home for the first time. However, once I tried it, I realized it was a combination that definitely works. HOWEVER, my word of warning is this dish is pretty strong. It’s very sweet and has a lot of rice wine vinegar in it, so it’s super sour. If you like that kind of thing (ie. panda express style orange chicken, etc) this dish might be for you. Other people I would suggest just stay away because even though I do like fast food style orange chicken, even I thought this dish was overly strong in its sugar and vinegar content. You do get a bit of a strawberry after taste in each bite, but not much to differentiate it from orange chicken. I’d recommend it if you are feeling adventurous.

My parents also ordered the Wonton Soup, which was actually pretty decent. I thought it would be pretty bland given how clear the broth was, but it was actually had a good depth of flavor. However, I wouldn’t order it simply for the fact that their wonton soup has more vegetables than wontons haha.

The fried rice was a pretty good dish. It’s not the best that I’ve had, but it did have that stir fry, smokey wok taste, which is always important in fried rice. The one thing lacking from the fried rice though is more oil. The fried rice is definitely on the healthier side, so if that is your thing, definitely go for it.

The dish that I was most excited to try, however, was definitely the xiao long bao! BOY…was it disappointing lol. Was it good? Yeah, but after having Din Tai Fung, I mean it’s not even fair anymore for other restaurants lol. The xiao long baos here was not filled with as much broth or flavor. Will it do if you don’t want to drive to Din Tai Fung? Yes, I believe it does. This item is dine-in only, so no to go orders on these.

Finally, my mom ordered the vegetable chow mien and it was okay to below mediocre. It was salty with a small hint of sesame oil, which is good, but to me, you have to be cautious with sesame oil as too much can be overwhelming to the taste buds. Sesame oil can also make foods quickly dull and boring, and since this was the predominant taste that stood out in the dish, I think people should skip this dish.

Overall, I think China Kitchen probably has more dishes that would stand out if we had ordered. I can see that the chefs have potential, but I think we just didn’t order the right things. The strawberry chicken is pretty good, but that’s really up to whether you like that kind of thing or not. The other dishes were mediocre, but not bad in any sense. I can’t really recommend you to go out of your way to eat here because it’s nothing special, but if you are in the neighborhood, you should give some of the dishes a try, it might be your thing.


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