25 Degrees: Will You Get Chills With These Burgers?

412 Walnut Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 960-2525

Julie was craving burgers when she came down to visit me so after some yelp searching, Julie thought it was a good idea to try this place out because of all the reviews that this place had.

We came inside to a pretty empty restaurant. We started our lunch with the sweet chili wings and all I have to say is, this is a must try. You can really taste the honey in these wings. The chili is also a nice addition because it offers a bit of spice, but not too much that you’ll cry after you take a few bites. However, the price for the wings is a little steep. Luckily, Julie and I came during happy hour, so an order of 5 wings were only $5, instead of the usual $9. For $9, I’d say skip it, for $5, its decent. The wings are good, we just wish the price wasn’t so steep. Come during happy hours to try these out.

Now on to the burger. We got the Number 1, which seems to be the popular one that everyone gets. The highlight with this burger is the gorgonzola cheese and the arugula. Julie was pretty sure  that she did not like the burger lol.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed the burger. The gorgonzola definitely added a different angle to the normal american cheese and the arugula, though being a bit strong, was not too overpowering. The meat was definitely fresh. You can definitely taste it when beef is fresh because when it’s not, it definitely has a distinct, raw odor to it. This, however, was fresh and they get major points for that. The burger overall was properly seasoned, a little bit of bitterness from the gorgonzola, and a lot of freshness from the arugula and the meat. The burger was $10.50, so definitely not cheap, but split the burger with another person, it’s big, anyway.

I think you have to really come in here with an open mind if you want to try some of their burgers. Some of the ingredients definitely make this place a gourmet burger joint, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a burger for the regular average joe. Come here and try the freshness, you’ll appreciate that if you don’t enjoy their more gourmet ingredients.


~ by thankgoditsfood on October 2, 2010.

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