I Luv Sushi: Twins Are Awesome

3215 Carson St.
Lakewood, CA 90712
(562) 421-8917

I know everyone is probably wondering why I mentioned, “twins” in the title entry for this blog. Well, this restaurant might seem very similar to the restaurant that I reviewed earlier, Sushi Studio. They are sister restaurants with the same menu!

Okay, it’s not word for word the same menu, but they have all of the same rolls that you would expect at Sushi Studio here as well, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The reason why I even went to I Luv Sushi was because my sister wanted to try their famous Sunrise on Second and Sexy Girl Roll. I am happy to report that the quality here is just as great.

For the appetizer, we got an order of the Chicken Karage, which was sort of burnt, but it still tasted fine to me hahaha. The sauce that they provide is honey based and is basically a sweet and sour concoction. A good dish, but only reason we got this was because my sister was specifically craving Chicken Karage. Unless you are craving chicken, just skip it, spend your money on their good stuff.

The Sunrise Roll has tuna on top with their spicy and sweet tangy sauce over the roll with spicy crab and avocado on the inside. The thing that you’ll notice immediately here is that the size of the rolls are small. The sushi pieces are really bite-sized. Regardless, the toasted sesame seeds that go on this roll is a very good addition as it adds a lasting flavor in your mouth after you savor the sweet and tangy sauce with the tender tuna. This is a no-brainer, it’s their most popular roll and with good reason.

The other roll that we got was the Sexy Girl Roll, which has mango on it. Again, I know a lot of people are probably saying mango might be weird with sushi, but give it a try. It is definitely a welcoming addition and works very well. It replaces the sweet component that you would normally get from a sweet glaze on sushi. The sweetness offers a more organic sweeter taste to rolls without overpowering your pallet. Again, looking at the photos it might seem weird, but trust me, give it a try.

We also did order some basic rolls, which are all good, but nothing stands out. The snow crab roll was well seasoned, but uninteresting overall. After eating Sunrise on Second, the basic rolls are definitely going to pale in comparison. We also ordered the Philly and Avocado roll, but again, nothing fancy. Just your standard affair. However, I love avocado and I was severely disappointed with the avocado roll here. Not only was the roll small, it barley had any avocado in it and it did not have any crab in it either. If you want a good avocado roll, go to Kaisen Kaiten in Santa Ana, they know how to make an Avocado Roll (check out our past review on Kaisen Kaiten).

We did decide to order the Volcano Roll last minute, which had baked salmon, green onions, and a spicy mayo sauce . I’m normally not a “mayo on sushi” guy and this roll will show you why. If you put too much mayo, it tends to overpower the roll and give it too much of a rich taste. We weren’t impressed with the roll, so I can’t really recommend this to anyone :(.

Overall, I Luv Sushi is a carbon copy of Sushi Studio, so if you go to one, you don’t have to go to the other. Both places manage to keep the quality high, and that’s great for customers. These places are very popular with the locals and I can definitely see why. If I had to make one overall complaint about Sushi Studio and I Luv Sushi, it would definitely have to be the price. Although they serve great sushi, the average price for a roll is around $13-$17, which is pricey to me personally for average level sushi. I’m use to paying $10 a roll for some similar quality sushi. Again, the place makes wonderful rolls, but I don’t feel the ingredients used justify the price . Anyhow, come give it a try. Maybe after the first bite, you’ll forget about how much it cost and be lost in food heaven.


~ by thankgoditsfood on October 31, 2010.

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