Sam’s Chowdermobile: Yay For Food Trucks!

4210 N. Cabrillo Highway
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 288-9348

Hi TGIF fans! Julie signing in here, finally picking up her slack in writing posts as Vy says -_-“. So when Sam’s Chowdermobile hailing all the way from Half Moon Bay announces they’ll be in town – you go, no questions asked. After getting lost and making a few wrong turns, my buddy and I finally made to the food truck. As you know, I was a big fan of lobster rolls after enjoying them at Old Port Lobster Shack so I am excited to share with you all how Sam’s Chowdermobile compares.

My buddy and I were craving clam chowder so we each ordered one. Since we were at a food truck serving LOBSTER, of course we had to get a lobster roll to split as well. First things first: price-wise, the lobster truck was cheaper than the lobster shack. At $15 compared to $18.75, that’s a staggering difference when you take into account that the food truck actually seemed to make their lobster rolls bigger than the ones at Old Port Lobster Shack.

In terms of taste, I thought the lobster roll was wonderfully buttery…Who doesn’t love butter right? Well, not it if masks a lot of the lobster taste, which is kinda what happened. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought the overall taste was delicious and totally worth it, but they could tone down the butter just a TEENSY bit to really let the lobster taste come out. Other than that, the sandwich was savory and the celery chunks were a good complement to the chewiness of the lobster meat. I would say it’s kind of in between the Maine Lobster Roll and the Naked Lobster Roll at Old Port Lobster Shack since there was celery (like the Maine roll), but not as much mayo.

Moving on, I loved the clam chowder here. I would say it’s ranked 2nd after the clam chowder at Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey. Definitely more bang for your buck than Old Port Lobster Shack, which didn’t offer much more than just the soup base. This creamy soup was abundant with clams and the oyster crackers added something special to the overall taste.

To top off my already wonderful-totally-worth-the-chase meal, my buddy and I got free mints from Yelp! I know, I know, irrelevant…but I love freebies!

In comparison to Old Port Lobster Shack, I say if the Chowdermobile is in your area definitely go chase it down. It will not disappoint your lobster craving and they also have a few other items on the menu that I heard are pretty good. Most of all, it’s decently priced (it IS lobster after all). If you want a more expansive menu, at least there is the Old Port Lobster Shack that offers two kinds of lobster rolls. Either way, it’ll be a win!


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 3, 2011.

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