Bo De Tinh Tam Chay – So Fresh and Good

15352 Beach Blvd.
Westminster, CA  92683
(714) 891-4455

Hey, TGIF fans, it’s Vy here. It has been awhile since I’ve written, last November based on my last review lol. Anyway, I’m back to show you guys another great place to eat.

To start out, this is a vegetarian restaurant. I know some of you are going to say, “I’m not sure about that, I’m a meat and potatoes type of person,” but trust me, this place offers up some very good food. There will definitely be a part 2 to this review as I will be returning with Julie when she visits, but I’ll share with you guys one particular dish that I had here.

When we arrived, the restaurant was very busy. We had to write our name down and wait for about 20 minutes. When we did get seated, however, the servers were fast and the food came out fairly quickly given the volume of people that were there. I ordered Bo Bia spring rolls. The spring rolls are filled with carrots, dikon, small strips of tofu, lettuce, basil, and peanuts. You dip the roll in a soy bean sauce that has been mixed with some sugar. I had reservations about the dish, but my goodness was it good! It was also very fresh. You could tell that they use fresh ingredients as the vegetables had great color and nothing was stale. The sauce was a perfectly made without too much sugar. If you want an idea of how the sauce it tastes, it’s kinda like the peanut sauce that goes into pad thai, excellent. This is part of the appetizer menu, so make sure you order it when you come here!!

I’ll definitely have a part 2 for everyone to read, but stay tuned!!! Thanks to all our loyal fans. I know our reviews have been far and few in between, but with Julie busy applying for her master’s program and me getting ready to head off to medical school in a few months, we’ve had very little time for eating out. We promise though, we’ll update as often as we can in the near future. Thanks, and much love.


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 23, 2011.

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