SJ Eats: A Moveable Feast…At a Snail’s Pace

Hey fans, just got back from SJ Eats today and MAN…it was packed. Yelp certainly did a good job advertising this event (and its sister event San Jose Made). There were people everywhere and inside the designated food truck area, it was a disorganized tangle of people waiting in lines. My friend and I got into the first line we saw, which had already winded up outside of the designated area for the food trucks for almost a block’s length. Since the line was for the hotly reviewed Chairman Bao, we decided that one of us should stay in line while the other got in line for something else. So, while my buddy waited in line for Chairman Bao, I hopped in line for ice cream at Treatbot.

As a lover of ice cream, I was eager beaver to try Treatbot. Their flavors seem to change often, but I was excited to see that Horchata was one of the flavors available since  it had gotten a lot of favorable reviews on Yelp. Half an hour later, I had my ice cream. At $3 for 2 flavors in a cup, I decided to get Horchata and Tin Roof Sundae in one cup and Ube and 408 in another.

I would have to say I all of the flavors were special except for Tin Roof Sundae. Horchata pretty much tasted like what it is, so if you like Horchata then you would probably like it. I found Tin Roof Sundae to be nothing spectacular – it just tasted like overly sweet vanilla with chocolate syrup. 408 was an interesting flavor. It was difficult to pinpoint the base icecream flavor (maybe coffee), but each bite had a taste of Oreos and hint of burnt caramel in it. I think cookies and cream lovers would be a fan of that flavor. By far, my favorite of the 4 flavors was Ube. Like that name implies, it tasted like a ripe Ube yam. Loved it!

(so close in the line! another half hour to go -_-)

After joining my friend, we waited in line for another 1.5 hours (2 total for my poor friend) =__=” for Chairman Bao while eating our ice cream. By the time we got to the front of the line, the only items left on the menu were the steamed braised pork bun and the baked pork bun. Not very impressive when you’ve been waiting in line for almost 2 hours. My friend and I each ended up getting 2 baked buns and 4 steamed buns (6 buns max per order). When you have been waiting in a long ass line for that long, you’re going to buy your money and time’s worth!

Sitting on the sidewalk, we tried our baked buns first. I must say, it was pretty good and didn’t disappoint. The braised pork was tender and there was a lot of meat offered. I also like that it wasn’t too salty. I didn’t get to try the steamed bun until I got home and I kind of regret doing so. By the time I got home, the bottom of the bun was soggy. The steamed buns are quite smaller than the baked buns, so they would be better as a snack. The filling was pretty much the same as the baked buns. Either or, it is best to try this food truck’s edibles right after ordering.

To end this post, I want to answer the question: Was it worth it? In all honesty, if I knew ahead of time that I’d have to wait 2 hours for a food truck, I wouldn’t have gone. The food was good, but not 2 hours good. I thought the event was a great idea, but next time there needs to be a bigger area for the food trucks. It also seemed like a lot of trucks ran out of food or had limited selections. I was told San Francisco has food truck events once a month and the wait time is shorter (~20 minutes) for the popular ones such as Chairman Bao. I guess that will be my next food truck adventure! Until then, keep nomming it up!


~ by thankgoditsfood on April 3, 2011.

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