Au Lac: Vegan Paradise

16563 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 418-0658

When you dine at Au Lac, they present you with a menu that is full of food items that follow their philosophy live/raw and healthy eating. However, Au Lac manages to do something most vegan places can’t accomplish. Make really, really, good food.

Julie and I had several appetizers that included Jicama Rolls (Bo Bia), Winter Rolls, and the Norito Wrap. All three were amazing. The Jicama roll has jicama, tofu, carrots, cilantro leaves, and lettuce. It’s neatly and tightly wrapped in a thin rice paper. You also dip this roll in their house made peanut sauce. I love Jicama Rolls due to the fact that they are light on the pallet and the stomach. They may have a very subtle taste, but that is what the peanut sauce is for. Raw Jicama is very light on flavor, hence why it relies on its partners to help support its taste. Excellent choice for an appetizer if you decide to order one.

The Winter Roll had cherry tomatoes, mozarella, and lettuce, all wrapped by paper-thin sliced zucchini. I absolutely loved this roll with their lime leaf dressing, which has a subtle sour, sweet, with a note of bitterness at the end. The mozarella was also a nice addition as it adds the needed richness to the roll. This roll was definitely something new to my pallet, and I loved it. The Norito Wrap was good as well, but it was basically a mixed salad with the lime leaf dressing, so it didn’t quite stand out to the other appetizers, but it was still very good if you decide you want a salad instead of one of their rolls.

We also ordered the garlic sauteed “beef,” which was really tofu. Remember, vegan restaurant!! I have to add that if you eat the beef by itself, the beef does have the consistency and texture of tofu, but for some odd reason, if you pair it with the watercress and red onions, it tastes exactly like beef. The marinade on the beef was delicious. Not too overly salty or heavy on the garlic aroma, but very delicious. I love that the chef added a lime juice concoction over the watercress, because watercress alone can be bitter. However, the added acid did cut into the bitterness quite nicely. Job well done.

We also had two style noodle dishes, crispy and soft noodles. I can’t comment much on the crispy noodles since I didn’t have any, but based on what people around the table were telling me, it was delicious. As for the soft noodles, they were excellent. Again, everything was seasoned properly with a hint of sesame oil goodness. A wonderful dish for noodle lovers indeed.

Finally, the reason why we even went to Au Lac to begin with was because of our wonderful friend, Luc. He is an awesome server at Au Lac and should definitely receive double of what you normally tip at the end of your meal haha. Since he worked there, he suggested we come and give the restaurant a try. He got us two wonderful desserts! Donuts filled with a chocolate, cane sugar, reduction (I believe that’s what it is haha), and chocolates with a rum sauce in the middle. Both desserts were amazing, but if you do get dessert, I think I’m a bigger fan of the donut holes.

I can’t give Au Lac enough praises for their food because they definitely can turn you into a vegan. I would be vegan if I could eat their food everyday! Definitely a fine establishment that is a must visit. Make sure you make reservations because this place gets packed, quick! Thanks fans, and a special thanks to our friend, Luc!


~ by thankgoditsfood on April 21, 2011.

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