Taiwan (Day 1): Good Eats Here I Come!

Hi everyone! Julie here, checking in from Taiwan. Now if you’re a foodie, Taiwan is definitely a place to be. There are so, so many yummy restaurants (especially if you live in Taipei)and most places are cheap! Win-win! Since I’m going to be on vacation in Taiwan for 2 weeks, I thought it’d be nice to share with you all some of the places I eat at. This series of posts from Taiwan will be a little different from our regular posts in that they will be shorter and I won’t be reviewing as much as just showing you what I ate.

Breakfast: Dante Coffee

Waffle, scrambled eggs, sausages, and herb potatos. All this for about $6!!

Hehe little cup for honey.

Citrus Tea and Iced Shaked Coffee. Yay for the citrus tea, nay for iced shaked coffee.

Lunch: Kito Kito

This place sells Japanese food and they are mainly known for their saw seafood. Average price: $5, includes seafood rice bowl and soup.

Miso soup was...interesting. Not really miso soup since it had egg and some clear jelly in it...

Some other dishes. 1)Sashimi with cooked abalone. 2)sashimi pieces and eggs

I ordered the sashimi bowl that includes tuna, salmon sashimi, raw sea urchin, crab meat, fish roe, and partially cooked shrimp over rice.

Dinner: Nepal Namaste Curry

For ~$6 you get a combo plate, thai tea, and soup.

I got the Masala (sp?) Chicken and Curry, while my aunt for their Pork Katsu with Curry. Definitely not authentic Indian cuisine, but it’s okay.

Other than the pork katsu, almost everything else could have used more flavor. Maybe next time we’ll try the curry place next to this one (we were in a food court).

Hopefully you fans enjoyed this post. I’ll try to keep updated as much as I can! If anyone has suggestions of places for me to try during my stay here, comment below :).


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