Taiwan (Day 3): Good Eats Here I Come!

Lunch: 台灣山豬城 (Taiwan Mountain Pig City) Literally translated from Chinese name in Ling Ko

This joint is not in the city part of Taiwan, but in a more rural area. What’s interesting about this place is that not only does it host a wonderful restaurant with good food at a decent price, but it also has a mini zoo exhibit for people to look at when they aren’t eating.

Since we were there for a big family event, we ordered 12 dishes with the total coming out to be about $100. Not too shabby.

Some of the animals there.

Dinner: 小蒙 (Little Mongolian)

For about $15 a person, you get all you can eat shabu shabu for 2 hours :D.

2 different soup bases: non-spicy and spicy (Ma-La), which actually isn’t even that spicy.

The great thing about this place is that since it’s AYCE, you can try everything the first round then pick out your favorites the following rounds. We decided to try mainly beef and a number of other items. My favorites were the beef short rib and flank slices. I also enjoyed their egg dumpling.

Also all you can eat is their dessert selection, which includes at least 14 flavors of ice cream, different cakes, and packaged puddings. I had the cantaloupe icecream and it was delish!


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 16, 2011.

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