Taiwan (Day 5): Good Eats Here I Come!

Lunch: 喫飯 (Chi Fan restaurant)

This is a traditional Taiwanese restaurant that hosts a lot of authentic Taiwanese dishes.  After ordering at the door (which you do before sitting down), we ended up with 5 dishes.

I have to say every dish here was good. My favorites would have to be the succulent pork belly and the 山蘇 (San Shu) vegetables. Note: If you are health-conscience you probably shouldn’t need the rice here since they drizzle pork fat over it.

Dessert was on the house. I’m not sure what kind of custard (tasted like taro) was inside but it’s coconut on the outside with custard and red bean inside. You can’t get this dessert anywhere else because they make it in the house. One cube is just the right amount for a dessert.

Afternoon Snack: 光華車輪餅 (Guang Hua Car Tire Biscuit)

In 光華 shopping district there is a very well-known car tire biscuit stand. You know it’s popular because there is always a crowd waiting to buy some of this delicious snack. Car tire biscuits (Sorry I don’t know the English name) are a type of snack where the outside is a crepe-like ingredient and the inside is either a sweet  (i.e. peanut or custard) or savory (i.e. marinated vegetables) filling.

Dinner: 師大夜市 (Shi Da Night Market) Street Vendor

(View of 師大 Night Market entrance)

If you’re ever in Taiwan, there is no doubt you will go to a night market at least once during your stay. The great thing about night markets is that you get to shop and instead of having to leave the place and find a sit down place to eat, there are plenty of snack booths selling night market specific foods. We decided to go with the barbecue stand because it smelled yummiest :).


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