Taiwan (Day 6): Good Eats Here I Come!

Breakfast: Dante’s Coffee

Hot dog with lettuce??…Okay…I guess they eat hot dogs differently here.

Lunch: 東門市場 (DongMen Traditional Market)

Love this place! It’s known for their 福州魚丸 (FuZhou fish balls), which were really something special. The outer layer is minced fish while the inside is is kind of like the meat inside bao zi. You can also order the fish/meat balls to take home to cook on your own.

We ordered minced pork belly over rice, blue marlin fish ball soup, and 福州魚丸 (FuZhou fish balls). I was pleasantly surprised with the mince meat dish because I thought it’d be ground meat, but it was actually pork belly (even fattier….I mean better!)

Dinner: 山西一品刀削麵 (Shan Xi Yi Ping Dao Xiao Mien)

Another place down the street from where I stay in Taiwan. This place is known for their fried rice as well as their tomato beef noodle soup.

Word of warning though: order regular noodles, not the knife sliced kind. I didn’t know they had different options and made the mistake of ordering knife sliced noodles, which don’t go as well with noodles in a broth. If you like thick, chewy noodles check out the knife sliced noodle place at I at from day 4 in Taiwan.


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 20, 2011.

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