Taiwan (Day 11): Taiwan revisited

On this day my aunt took me to Dan Shui, a touristy spot by a bay. It consisted of another day of eating :D.

Lunch: Fish ball place. Another very popular place. Often times people take frozen bags of this stuff to go after grabbing lunch here.

More Taiwanese sausage! This time with wild hog, which can be aggressive and they’ve been known to kill people o_o.

Basically a glorified potato chip. It wasn’t as good as it looked.

Carmelized tomatos and fruits :).

Cong Bing (below). This is not the usual green onion pancake, even though the English translation has the same name. The green onion pancake we normally see, literally translated is actually green onion oil pancake. Instead of the green onion roughed into the dough as in green onion oil pancake, this pancake is stuffed inside with layers of green onion. Still delicious!


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 24, 2011.

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