Taiwan (Day 8): Taiwan revisited

After a week in staying in Taipei, I got to go to TaiChung for the weekend with my uncle’s family (big foodies!). Like Taipei, there are also many many good places to eat here if you know where to go.

One of the first places we stopped at was QingShiTang tea cafe. This franchise started the revolution of pearl milk tea, boba, whatever you want to call it. I wouldn’t say it tastes any different than other tea places, but it’s always fun to know you’re at the first of something.

Later that night for dinner, my relatives and I headed down to Tong Hua street, which is a night market with primarily street food. As you can see, it’s just rows and rows of savory-smelling street vendor foods! The trick here to knowing what place is good is to look for the vendor with the long line :).

Oyster egg pancake. Authentic Taiwanese food!

Ordering up some barbeque stuff.

Cuttlefish and chicken thigh to be barbequed! So good. This is making me drool thinking about it =(.

What we brought back to the hotel for dinner. We just snacked on the street =).

~ by thankgoditsfood on July 11, 2011.

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