Café Biere: The Lunch Buzz

3986 Adeline St
Emeryville, CA 94608

Since my friends and I headed off (and graduated) college, it’s always been hard to all be together in one place. Thanksgiving is the rare occasion nearly all of us can rejoice together. During that weekend, my friends and I just found our new favorite lunch happy hour. Woohoo! I must say, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about one of the places I’ve tried in awhile (Taiwan excluded).

Cafe Biere wasn’t too hard to find, though music and the hipsters may have given it away ;). People here really know how to get the fun started early! I’m already a big fan of the bottomless mimosas, but the best thing about the ones at Cafe Biere is that every round of yummy mimosas is a different flavor! How awesome is that?? My favorites of the 7 we actually go to were watermelon, mango, and strawberry. Surprisingly cucumber was quite decent as well!

It’s so rare nowadays for aw restaurant to have some specialty thing going on AND good food, but Café Biere has both! When my friends and I were deciding what to order, we couldn’t decide between calamari or mussels for an appetizer, so we asked if we could do half and half, and the server obliged :). +1 for great service! The appetizers turned out to be delicious, especially the sauce for the mussels…to die for! After seeing how good the appetizers were, I was really excited about their main dishes.

My friends and I ended up ordering a sandwich, omelet and eggs benedict (Sorry I can’t remember the exact names!). The entrees were good, but they definitely don’t compare to their appetizers. Next time I come back, I am ordering mussels again!

Overall picture: Café Biere is such a fun place to chill with friends! Their appetizers are stronger than their entrees, but still all good. While prices are fair, they give pretty big portions for their entrees. Service is great – the servers are friendly, attentive, and personable. Bottomless mimosas with different flavors…enough said. If you have a big group, beware, the place is small and there is usually a bit of a wait (we waited about 20 minutes for a group of 6).

All in all, Café Biere is truly a great place for good food, good people, good times.

p.s. We are sorry for the lack of recent posts! Vy and I have been busy adjusting to a new chapter of our lives. As Vy may have mentioned before, our posts probably won’t be as frequent as they used to be, but we will try to update when we can!


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