Taiwan (Day 9): Taiwan revisited

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First stop: Picking up Sun cakes!

Typical day with my uncle’s family: another day consisting of going to different places just to eat yummy food :).

Second Stop: Mao Gao sausages! Taiwanese sausages are one of my favorite things to eat in Taiwan because they are so flavorful. I learned the best way to eat Taiwanese sausage was to take a bite of the sausage then take a bite of raw garlic. I’m converted!

This little sausage stand is famous because they offer a variety of unique Taiwanese sausages, such as cuttlefish sausage, lavender sausage, and one with alcohol in it!

Third stop: Getting our stinky tofu on! Stinky tofu, another authentic Taiwanese dish, can be hit or miss depending on the place that makes it. Many people can’t even stand the smell of it, but people who like it really love it. I used to hate the smell, but now the smell doesn’t bother me at all.

Fried stinky tofu (above). Steamed stinky tofu (bottom).


Taiwan (Day 6): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Breakfast: Dante’s Coffee

Hot dog with lettuce??…Okay…I guess they eat hot dogs differently here.

Lunch: 東門市場 (DongMen Traditional Market)

Love this place! It’s known for their 福州魚丸 (FuZhou fish balls), which were really something special. The outer layer is minced fish while the inside is is kind of like the meat inside bao zi. You can also order the fish/meat balls to take home to cook on your own.

We ordered minced pork belly over rice, blue marlin fish ball soup, and 福州魚丸 (FuZhou fish balls). I was pleasantly surprised with the mince meat dish because I thought it’d be ground meat, but it was actually pork belly (even fattier….I mean better!)

Dinner: 山西一品刀削麵 (Shan Xi Yi Ping Dao Xiao Mien)

Another place down the street from where I stay in Taiwan. This place is known for their fried rice as well as their tomato beef noodle soup.

Word of warning though: order regular noodles, not the knife sliced kind. I didn’t know they had different options and made the mistake of ordering knife sliced noodles, which don’t go as well with noodles in a broth. If you like thick, chewy noodles check out the knife sliced noodle place at I at from day 4 in Taiwan.

Taiwan (Day 5): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Lunch: 喫飯 (Chi Fan restaurant)

This is a traditional Taiwanese restaurant that hosts a lot of authentic Taiwanese dishes.  After ordering at the door (which you do before sitting down), we ended up with 5 dishes.

I have to say every dish here was good. My favorites would have to be the succulent pork belly and the 山蘇 (San Shu) vegetables. Note: If you are health-conscience you probably shouldn’t need the rice here since they drizzle pork fat over it.

Dessert was on the house. I’m not sure what kind of custard (tasted like taro) was inside but it’s coconut on the outside with custard and red bean inside. You can’t get this dessert anywhere else because they make it in the house. One cube is just the right amount for a dessert.

Afternoon Snack: 光華車輪餅 (Guang Hua Car Tire Biscuit)

In 光華 shopping district there is a very well-known car tire biscuit stand. You know it’s popular because there is always a crowd waiting to buy some of this delicious snack. Car tire biscuits (Sorry I don’t know the English name) are a type of snack where the outside is a crepe-like ingredient and the inside is either a sweet  (i.e. peanut or custard) or savory (i.e. marinated vegetables) filling.

Dinner: 師大夜市 (Shi Da Night Market) Street Vendor

(View of 師大 Night Market entrance)

If you’re ever in Taiwan, there is no doubt you will go to a night market at least once during your stay. The great thing about night markets is that you get to shop and instead of having to leave the place and find a sit down place to eat, there are plenty of snack booths selling night market specific foods. We decided to go with the barbecue stand because it smelled yummiest :).

Taiwan (Day 4): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Lunch: Sushi Express

We started the day late today so my aunt and I decided to hit up a revolving sushi joint downstairs. Each plate is less than $2 :D.

Some of the things we ordered were steamed egg, salmon sashimi, okra, tuna sashimi, salty fish, and onion strips wrapped in smoked salmon.

My favorite would definitely be the onion strips wrapped in smoked salmon. I seriously wish they made this in America!

Dinner: 永康刀削麵 (Yung Kang Knifed Sliced Noodles)

This place is most known for their way of making noodles. What they do is slice up the noodles at an angle, creating short, chewy pieces.

We ordered Zha Jiang Mien with tofu, pigs ear, and some veggies on the side.

Taiwan (Day 3): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Lunch: 台灣山豬城 (Taiwan Mountain Pig City) Literally translated from Chinese name in Ling Ko

This joint is not in the city part of Taiwan, but in a more rural area. What’s interesting about this place is that not only does it host a wonderful restaurant with good food at a decent price, but it also has a mini zoo exhibit for people to look at when they aren’t eating.

Since we were there for a big family event, we ordered 12 dishes with the total coming out to be about $100. Not too shabby.

Some of the animals there.

Dinner: 小蒙 (Little Mongolian)

For about $15 a person, you get all you can eat shabu shabu for 2 hours :D.

2 different soup bases: non-spicy and spicy (Ma-La), which actually isn’t even that spicy.

The great thing about this place is that since it’s AYCE, you can try everything the first round then pick out your favorites the following rounds. We decided to try mainly beef and a number of other items. My favorites were the beef short rib and flank slices. I also enjoyed their egg dumpling.

Also all you can eat is their dessert selection, which includes at least 14 flavors of ice cream, different cakes, and packaged puddings. I had the cantaloupe icecream and it was delish!

Taiwan (Day 2): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Breakfast: 美而美早餐店 Asian sandwich place downstairs

Lunch: Thanh-Ky

We ordered Stewed Pork Liver, Shredded Chicken Salad, Pig’s Ear Salad for appetizers. Both of the salads were refreshing and tasty. Still can’t bring myself to enjoy innards much…but maybe some day I will find a place that doesn’t gross me out haha.

For the noodles here, this place has quite a good selection and you can choose between three different types of noodles. I ordered the Hanoi Beef Pho with rice noodles, while my aunt ordered pork over dry (no soup) 意麵YeeMien (noodles).

To finish off our meal, we also ordered desserts! Tapioca in coconut milk and Jackfruit in coconut milk!

Dinner: Tasty (Western cuisine)

Tasty is a restaurant where you can order a 6 course meal for around $18 a person! This is a great deal and great place when you want to feel like you’re eating somewhere fancy. I won’t be able to show you all EVERYTHING that was ordered, but I shall do my best. (Sorry if the photos aren’t that great, I had to resort to using my phone camera since my actual camera was at home).

Some pre-main dish plates at our table: Romaine Lettuce Salad, Mince Meat Pie, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Pumpkin Soup. In the starters section you get to choose one of each from each of the three categories: Appetizer, Antipasto, and Salad.

Sawa drink, specifically served before the main dish to cleanse your palate. I personally really enjoyed this little drink. It is tangy and sour and it definitely leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.

For the main dish, most of us at the table ordered their Roast Duck, which is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. I have to say service here is excellent; the server explained in detail what part of the duck we should eat first and even cut up a few slices for us. So yummy!

Finally, for dessert at our table there was Panna Cotta or French Creme Brulee.

I have not eaten in once since my stay here…and I don’t expect that to change much. More to come soon!

Taiwan (Day 1): Good Eats Here I Come!

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Hi everyone! Julie here, checking in from Taiwan. Now if you’re a foodie, Taiwan is definitely a place to be. There are so, so many yummy restaurants (especially if you live in Taipei)and most places are cheap! Win-win! Since I’m going to be on vacation in Taiwan for 2 weeks, I thought it’d be nice to share with you all some of the places I eat at. This series of posts from Taiwan will be a little different from our regular posts in that they will be shorter and I won’t be reviewing as much as just showing you what I ate.

Breakfast: Dante Coffee

Waffle, scrambled eggs, sausages, and herb potatos. All this for about $6!!

Hehe little cup for honey.

Citrus Tea and Iced Shaked Coffee. Yay for the citrus tea, nay for iced shaked coffee.

Lunch: Kito Kito

This place sells Japanese food and they are mainly known for their saw seafood. Average price: $5, includes seafood rice bowl and soup.

Miso soup was...interesting. Not really miso soup since it had egg and some clear jelly in it...

Some other dishes. 1)Sashimi with cooked abalone. 2)sashimi pieces and eggs

I ordered the sashimi bowl that includes tuna, salmon sashimi, raw sea urchin, crab meat, fish roe, and partially cooked shrimp over rice.

Dinner: Nepal Namaste Curry

For ~$6 you get a combo plate, thai tea, and soup.

I got the Masala (sp?) Chicken and Curry, while my aunt for their Pork Katsu with Curry. Definitely not authentic Indian cuisine, but it’s okay.

Other than the pork katsu, almost everything else could have used more flavor. Maybe next time we’ll try the curry place next to this one (we were in a food court).

Hopefully you fans enjoyed this post. I’ll try to keep updated as much as I can! If anyone has suggestions of places for me to try during my stay here, comment below :).